GIN Motes

AIPL is the premier supplier of USA Reigned Motes for the yarn spinning, bleaching, and nonwovens industries. Reginned Motes are baled cotton fibers made from gin motes, the by-product of the cotton gin lint cleaning process, which have been re-cleaned or “re-ginned”. We purchase baled motes from cotton gins across the world and manufacture them into regins at our processing facility. Our process is designed to produce a wide range of product choices and to ensure that our customers receive uniform regin quality, year-in and year-out, regardless of regional weather issues. Our regins have set the standards in the repurposed fiber industry for superior cleanliness and consistency of fiber quality. Each finished regin bale, after being packaged to Universal Density specifications, is sampled and inspected before it leaves our plant to ensure quality.

AIPL also provides an array of repurposed cotton fibers including baled and sample loose cotton, textile mill waste, and inline regins.